After you sign up for your league/pool, you should receive an email with instructions on how to pay your entry online. If you do not receive the email shortly after signup, please contact the league commissioner at


For paying with Check/Money Order, there are also some incentive programs to take advantage of if you wish, which you can earn discounts and free leagues. Read On. 

We understand that sending a payment for leagues/pools can be a pain, so we are offering 2 incentive programs for those that choose to take advantage of it. These incentives come with future discounts and/or free leagues. Each incentive is broken down below:

NOTE: Any checks/money orders paid into Prime Fantasy Sports, whether incentives are used or not, will be placed as a credit on file at Prime Fantasy Sports to spend down for any leagues/pools you wish to play in. Even though we are holding it for you, it is still your funds to use as you see fit. You can contact the league office at any time for balance inquiries or any questions you may have at:

To pay by Check or Money/Order, send your payment to:

Prime Fantasy Sports
PO Box 2676
Waterville, ME 04903

NOTE: Any returned checks from the bank will be assessed a $25 charge to cover resulting bank fees


Simply send in a Check/Money Order in any of these amounts and earn discounts and free entries

$100 bulk payment: 1 free entry in any pool with a $20 or under entry fee

$150 bulk payment: 2 free entries in any pool with a $20 or under entry fee

$200 bulk payment: 3 free entries in any pool with a $20 or under entry fee


 NOTE: Fantrax Treasurer is for Fantrax Leagues only. If you have signed up for a league that is not using Fantrax, this payment method is not an option. 

If you league is run using Fantrax, here is how you can pay using the Fantrax League Treasurer:

1a.) Because teams are assigned from a wait list for Keeper Leagues, Fantrax Treasurer payments are not an option for the first season. Refer to the online payments section above for how first year teams can pay for their teams. 

1b.) If you are a returning team, simply login to your Fantrax account, and access the league under the "My Leagues" section. You should then be taken to the Fantrax Treasurer in your league.

2.) On the Treasurer Payment page, beside your team name, click on "Set Fee Owing"This should populate the "Fee" field with the correct amount. NOTE: DO NOT USE "Set All Owing Fees" as this will set you to pay for everyone in the league that hasn't made a payment yet.  

3.) After the correct fee is entered beside your team name, click on the "Continue Payment" button to take you to the page to make your payment.

4.) On the payment screen, if you have funds in your Fantrax account, those will be used first. Any remaining amounts, you can pay by Credit Card or Paypal. 

Pay By Credit Card: Clicking on "Pay By Credit Card", simply enter the requested card information to make your payment.

PayPal: Clicking on the Paypal logo will send you to Paypal where you can sign into your account and follow the instructions to make your payment from your Paypal funds.

Once your payment has been confirmed, you should be good to go. 

NOTE: If you are given access to the league instead of taken to the Treasurer page, it means you have paid using other means (credit on file, free league, check by mail etc.) and credit has already been applied, so you can close out this payment page.

Questions on payments can be directed to the league office at If you have request for a different method of payment than the ones listed here, the league office will try to accommodate.