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2024 Fantasy Nascar League - Rules


The NASCAR Cup Series 36 points races make up the whole season. The season is divided into 4 segments using the following format:
Segment 1: (Races 1-9) 9 races
Segment 2: (Races 10-18) 9 races
Segment 3: (Races 19-26) 8 races
Fantasy Playoffs and Segment 4: (Races 27-36) 10 races
The Clash in February and All Star Race in May are not part of this league.
After every segment is completed, but before the following race, driver/car groups will change. Typically, this is done according to fantasy points accumulated by the driver/car over the course of the season, but there may be exceptions to this rule in order to attempt to keep a level playing field in all groups.
The fantasy team that qualifies for and scores the most points during the Fantasy Nascar playoffs will become Fantasy Nascar champion.
There will also be an additional award for the participant in the league that scores the most points overall for the entire 36 race season. 

NOTE: If a team owner does not make selections for a given week, the picks will rollover to the following week. There are exceptions to this rule, so please read further. 

NOTE: We use Fantrax to run the league. While typically their software is set up to run fantasy leagues with a draft, etc., this league will still be using the same "picking from groups" format that has been successful in these leagues since day 1.


Drivers/cars are divided into 6 groups.
Choose one driver/car from each of the 6 groups. This will comprise your race team each week. You may make changes to your roster every week but are not required to do so. If you do not make changes, your picks will roll over from the following week with a few exceptions:
Picks Rolling Over Exception: You may be required to make changes prior to Race 10, 19, and 27 as these are the weeks that a new segment starts and when driver groups will change. If you have a driver on your roster at the end of a segment that has been placed in a different group for the new segment, you will need to change your lineup prior to the next race. There are penalties for having a driver in an incorrect group, so please keep this in mind as those weeks approach.

The "Pick Penalties" section below addresses penalties for leaving drivers from an incorrect group on your roster when groups change. 


There are 2 ways to qualify for the Fantasy Nascar Playoffs:
1.) After Race #26 in Darlington, have your team in the Top 12 in the overall point standings

2.) If you don't have enough points to qualify for the Fantasy Nascar Playoffs in #1 above, you can qualify by being one of the two Wildcard winners by scoring the most bonus points during the first 26 races of those fantasy teams that have not yet made the playoffs.

Bonus Points are awarded as follows:

5 bonus points for each driver you choose that wins a race
1 bonus point for each driver you choose that wins a stage during each race. 

Wildcard Tiebreaker:
 If 2 or more Wildcard eligible teams have the same amount of bonus points, all tied teams will qualify for the Fantasy Nascar Playoffs.

Nascar divides each race into 3 stages and awards points after each of the 2 stages (Top 10 only) plus the final results. They will also be awarding playoff points to the winners of each stage as well. This league will do the same.

FANTASY PLAYOFF BONUS POINTS (START OF THE PLAYOFFS): Nascar currently uses a format that rewards bonus points to use to begin the Nascar playoffs. This league will use a similar format as well.

Here is how it works: 

The 14 teams that make the playoffs will have their points set to 5,000 points. In addition, each race winner they select (during the first 26 races only), will earn 5 playoff bonus points for their team. They also receive 1 additional playoff bonus point for each driver they choose that wins a stage during each race each week. Add the bonus points to the 5,000 points listed above and this total is the amount of points their fantasy team will start the Fantasy Nascar playoffs with. 

Example 1: Team A chooses the winning driver/car in 10 races and in 5 stages during the season. They will start the Fantasy Nascar Playoffs with 5,055pts. (5,000 start points + 50 race win points + 5 stage win points)

Example 2: Team B chooses the winning driver/car in 8 races, and in 2 stages during the season. They will start the Fantasy Nascar Playoffs with 5,042 pts. (5,000 start points + 40 race win points + 2 stage win points) 

The goal is to reward the fantasy teams that choose race winners and stage winners each race.

There will be no points resets and no bonus points awarded during the Nascar's playoffs. Once the Fantasy playoffs start, points will be awarded the same as every other race. The team with the most points after the final race of the season (Phoenix) is your Fantasy Nascar League Champion. 


Fantasy teams that do not make the playoffs will be placed in their own segment during the final 10 races of the season. Everyone in this segment starts at zero and accumulate stage and race points. The team to accumulate the most points in the final 10 races will be the winner of Segment 4. No playoff bonus points will be used towards this segment. Everyone will start equal.

NOTE: Since these team owners are not eligible for the Fantasy Nascar playoffs, this will be scored in its own separate group. The 14 playoff teams will not be eligible for any Segment 4 winnings.


1st Tiebreaker: The entry with the most race winners chosen throughout the season (regular season + playoffs).
2nd Tiebreaker: The entry with the most race winners chosen in the playoffs only. 

If there is still a tie, the winnings will be split by those tied.


Selections can be any time before each race deadline and can be made more than one race ahead. Please be aware though, that when driver groups change, this could affect any future roster changes you may have made previously.  
NEW SEGMENTS: Before making selections for the start of the new segments, please allow 24-48 hours for the new groups to be set. If you make a set of picks prior to a new segment or before the new groups are set, you will have to go back into your roster page and make your picks again. 


Changes are due each week prior to the posted start time of each race. The deadline to make your selections will be posted on the "Commish Messages" section of the league homepage every week. 

It is recommended that you make selections well before this, since start times can vary from week to week. While effort will be made to keep you posted on this, it is ultimately the team owner's responsibility to make sure rosters are locked in on time each week, if you are making any.

IMPORTANT: If there is a delay to the start of a race for any reason, you are still responsible to set your roster at the originally scheduled deadline, if you are making any, each week.
HELP MAKING SELECTIONS: If you need help making your selections, please email the commish your roster for the week before the deadline and he will enter them for you. If you are having trouble logging in to the league and its approaching the deadline, email your roster to the commish immediately. That way your picks are at least submitted on time for the week. Then you and the commish can work out the issues you are having.


If you should fail to make any selections for a particular week, your previous weeks team will roll over to the current week, with the following exception:

Exception: If you fail to make selections at the start of a new segment, you may be subject to penalties if the driver that you attempt to roll over from the previous week has moved to a different group. See the "Pick Penalties" section of the rules page for further explanation.

The league commissioner will not be held responsible for any changes being late, lost, or misdirected as a result of any computer malfunction, delay, etc. If you are having computer problems, contact the commissioner with your picks before the deadline and he will enter your desired picks for you.


WHEN ARE SELECTIONS POSTED: Selections are posted immediately after the picks deadline has passed. 
LIVE SCORING: Live Scoring will be used. Stage results and final race results should be posted shortly after completion of each.

Please note that while live scoring is timely and pretty accurate, it is NOT the official scoring. Final results do not become official until Nascar makes the race official the day after each race, so changes could be made up to 48 hours after the race has completed.


Drivers will be used to determine points for your team in this league. Typically, drivers race in the same car throughout the season. However, there are times when driver swaps happen after qualifying but before the race or even during the race. Please read the next section for rare instances of driver changes and how they are handled


Replacement Driver Announced on Race Day: This will be considered an emergency situation. If a driver is replaced in this situation, you will receive points for the replacement driver for this particular race even if you don't make a change to your lineup. 

Replacement Driver Announced Prior To Race Day: Team owners will be responsible for making the change to their lineup like normal. If you do not make a change prior to the race and the replaced driver is still in their lineup, you will receive zero points for that driver. 

NOTE: If a driver simply switches cars (or car numbers), but is still participating in the race, then no replacement is allowed. 

The league commissioner will do everything he can to keep teams updated on any changes to the driver lineup each race, however it is ultimately the team owner's responsibility to be sure you are submitting a proper lineup each week.  


Typically, pick penalties happen when groups change at the beginning of a new segment (Race #10, #19, and #27). If a driver switches groups and no change is made to a team roster from the previous week to compensate, the following penalties will be assessed:
-Strike One: For the first offense, after the first race is over in the first race of a new segment, the driver/car in the wrong group will be removed and your team will be assigned the driver/car with the lowest point total in that group for that first race of the new segment. That new driver will be considered the driver for that group going forward or until a change is made by the team owner. 

-Strike Two: For the second offense, no changes will be made to your lineup which will make your lineup illegal, and you will receive no points until you make the roster change yourself. 

Team owners need to be active participants in the league and need to be making changes to their lineups at least before every new segment begins to ensure penalties do not happen to your team. 


If a driver is disqualified by Nascar after the race, they will be disqualified in this league as well. Where they are placed in the finalized Nascar race results (presumably last place) will be where they finish in this league as well

If a driver is docked points by NASCAR after a race and does not cause a disqualification, such as driver/crew conduct, there will be no points deductions in this league.


Race Points awarded during the regular season and playoffs based on the following:

1.) Drivers/cars that finish in the Top 10 after Stage 1 of each race
2.) Drivers/cars that finish in the Top 10 after Stage 2 of each race
3.) Drivers/cars based on their Stage 3 finishing position (final results)

NOTE: The spring Charlotte race (600-mile race) uses 4 stages. 3 race stages and the 4th stage is the final results.

 Stage Winner:  10 pts   6th Place:  5 pts 
 2nd Place:   9 pts   7th Place:   4 pts 
 3rd Place:   8 pts   8th Place:   3 pts 
 4th Place:    7 pts   9th Place:   2 pts 
 5th Place:   6 pts   10th Place:   1 pt 
Stage Pts will be awarded for the championship race.

 1st Place:  40 pts  11th Place:  26 pts  21st Place:  16 pts  31st Place:  6 pts
 2nd Place:  35 pts  12th Place:  25 pts  22nd Place:  15 pts  32nd Place:  5 pts
 3rd Place:  34 pts
 13th Place:  24 pts  23rd Place:  14 pts  33rd Place:  4 pts
 4th Place:  33 pts  14th Place:  23 pts  24th Place:  13 pts  34th Place:  3 pts
 5th Place:  32 pts  15th Place:  22 pts  25th Place:  12 pts  35th Place:  2 pts
 6th Place:  31 pts  16th Place:  21 pts  26th Place:  11 pts  36th Place:  1 pt
 7th Place:  30 pts  17th Place:  20 pts  27th Place:  10 pts  37th Place:  1 pt
 8th Place:  29 pts  18th Place:  19 pts  28th Place:  9 pts  38th Place:  1 pt
 9th Place:  28 pts  19th Place:  18 pts  29th Place:  8 pts  39th Place:  1 pt
10th Place:  27 pts  20th Place:  17 pts  30th Place:  7 pts  40th Place:  1 pt


 There are 4 ways to accumulate Playoff Bonus Points during the season:
1.) Driver/car that is in the lead after stage 1 each race.
2.) Driver/car that is in the lead after stage 2 each race.
3.) Driver/cars that wins the race.
4.) Fantasy Teams who qualify for the Fantasy Nascar playoffs 

Choosing The Race Winner:  5 pts
Choosing Race Stage 1 Winner:  1 pt
Choosing Race Stage 2 Winner:  1 pt

These points accumulated all season and are used by all playoff teams prior to the start of the playoffs.

No points are awarded for qualifying. Points will be awarded for each of the 2 race stages instead.
No points are awarded for leading a lap or leading the most laps.
No playoff bonus points are awarded once the playoffs have begun. 

Separate awards will be given for the 4 segment winners and season long points winner as well.


To sign up, click "Sign Up Now" in the "Cost To Play" box at the top of this page, or click on "Signup" at the top right of any page on this site.

As mentioned above, we will be using Fantrax to run the league this season. If you do not have an account with them, no worries. After you sign up, an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to get set up, how to accept your email invite to join the league, and how to make your payment for the season.  

NOTE: If you wish to use another form of payment besides the one requested, please contact the commish and he will try to accommodate.

Please note that in order to maintain the highest integrity of these leagues/pools, payments for all entries must be received by the deadline at the start of the season. If entries are not paid by the deadline, they will be removed from the league for lack of payment. If you are having trouble with payment, please contact the league office. 


To increase your chances of winning, you may play as many times as you wish. Each entry will be separate.
If you would like to play additional entries, you may use the same Fantrax account for all teams. You do not have to sign up more than once, as you can provide these at sign up. If you have already signed up, or wish to have multiple entries, please contact the league commish at

BTGO PROMOTION: Back again this season! If you purchase 2 Fantasy Nascar entries for the 2024 season, you receive a free entry into any one of our other 2024 pools with a $20 or less entry fee. There is no limit to the amount of Nascar entries you can purchase, nor free entries you can earn this way. NOTE: Free entries must be used during the 2024 season. 

We would be happy to answer any questions on rules not covered here. Please contact the league office at

Cost To Play

$65 Per Entry

No Additional Costs

What You Win

 Total Payout:

$1,100 or 70% total entries
(whichever is higher)

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