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2022 NFL Fantasy Football Keeper League - Rules


League Manager: My Fantasy 

League Setup: Weekly Head-to-Head Scoring (Win, Loss, or Tie)
Division Alignment: 12 Teams Divided Into 3 Divisions of 4 teams each
League Schedule: 14 week/game regular season. Teams play every divisional opponent twice and all teams outside their division once.
Playoffs: 8 Playoff Teams- 3 division winners, 5 wildcard teams; 3 rounds (3 weeks) -reseed after each round
Futile Four Tournament: 4 Futile Four Teams (teams not eligible for the playoffs) 2 rounds (single elimination). Futile Four winner receives #1 overall pick for the following seasons draft.
Keepers: Each team will be allowed to keep up to 3 Keepers on their roster from the previous season.


16 players from any position you choose, but each team must have a player in each "active" roster position each week.

Active/Starting Rosters: The weekly "starting" or "active" roster will consist of:

1 FLEX (Running Back or Wide Receiver/Tight End)


1 FLEX (Running Back or Wide Receiver/Tight End)

Illegal Lineup: If at any time during the season it is discovered that a team posts an illegal lineup, past or current, they will receive zero points for the entire week the infraction occurred. Please make sure you have the correct lineup entered each week, as every team owner can view your roster for each week of the season whenever they desire. 

Illegal Lineup Exception: A team with less than the required players in the lineup done unintentionally, will have their vacant players scored zero points only. The remaining players on their roster will earn points like usual. Only the positions left vacant will receive zero points.

This is for unintentional situations only. Any attempts to throw games will be dealt with harshly and subject to possible termination from the league.


Teams may keep up to 6 keepers. They can be from any position, however, when submitting keepers, keep in mind the following rules:   

-Keeper Acquired In A Previous Draft or Trade: When a team keeps a player that was drafted (or received in a trade from another team), that player will use the round in which he was drafted as his draft position in the current draft. Example: Player A was drafted in the first round in the 2020 draft. If you decide to use him as one of your keeper for the 2021 season, Player A will be placed as your first round selection for the 2021 draft

-Player Acquired on Waivers/Free Agency: When a team keeps a player that they picked up on waivers or free agency, that player will be use a 6th Round draft pick for the upcoming draft, or the draft pick closest to the 6th Round, but no earlier. (i.e, 7th, 8th or 9th Round).

If your team doesn't have a pick in a specific round, it will be the round closest to that pick after that round. 


Team A had 2 picks in the first round of last years draft (Johnson and Smith). Johnson was their own first rounder and Smith was an additional first rounder acquired via trade. 

Before this seasons draft, Team A decides to keep both Johnson and Smith (both first rounders). 

Assuming Team A does not have 2 picks in the first round, Team A would use Johnson as their 1st round pick and Smith would use their 2nd round pick (because there wasn't a first round slot available). Even though Smith was a 1st round pick, the keeper would be pushed to the 2nd round due to Team A not having an additional 1st round pick.

If Team A had another first round pick, they would use both first round picks for keeping Johnson and Smith and keep their 2nd round pick.
If a team decides to keep less than 6 players, the extra picks will be made at the end of the draft if necessary to ensure that every team has 26 players at the end of the draft.

The deadline for submitting your list of keepers will be determined by the commissioner sometime during the preseason trading period once the draft date has been determined


Draft Order: The draft order each season will be determined by the previous years regular season records in reverse order with two exceptions. These changes are for ROUND 1 ONLY:

1. The first 4 picks in the draft are as follows:
      1. Futile Four Winner
      2. Futile Four Runner Up
      3. Futile Four 1st Round Loser (High Regular Season Point Total)
      4. Futile Four 1st Round Loser (Low Regular Season Point Total)
This applies to Round 1 only of the draft

2.The league champion from the previous season:
The league champion from the previous season will draft last in round one. This applies for Round 1 only of the draft. 

Rounds 2-12 will revert back to regular season standings (snake draft).


How Many Make The Playoffs: 8 teams

Format For Each Playoff Round: All 3 rounds- Single elimination

Playoff Seedings:
Division Winners- Seeded 1, 2, 3, respectively according to Tiebreak Rules.
Seeds 4 through 8 are wildcards seeded using the Tiebreak Rules.
Teams reseed after each round according to original playoff seedings. Highest seeds always play the lowest seeds
See "Tiebreak Rules" in this section below for more info

Playoff Brackets:
Remaining teams after each round will be reseeded according to playoff seedings at the start of the playoffs. The highest seed remaining will always play the lowest seed of the remaining teams in each round.

This is to place more importance on the regular season. 

Making the Playoffs Tiebreaker Rules:
1.) Highest Overall Record (Regular Season)
2.) Best Head-2-Head of Tied Teams
3.) Highest Total Fantasy Points
4.) Highest Head-to-Head Fantasy Points

Playoff Game Tiebreakers:
1) Total Bench Points
2) Highest Individual Starter Point Total For That Week
3) Next Highest Individual Starter Point Total For That Week
4) Repeat #3 (If all starters are used and a tiebreaker is still not determined, use the same format using bench players)


For those teams NOT involved in the Playoffs (teams ranked 9-12 in the standings)

How Many Rounds: 2 Rounds, Single Elimination, beginning the same week as the playoffs.
Importance of This Tournament: The winner of this playoff will receive 1st overall pick in next seasons draft
Teams That Don't Win: The remaining 3 teams will have their draft picks for the following season revert back to reverse the seasons regular season standings with the exception of Round 1. Round 1 looks like this:
2nd Overall pick: Futile Four Runner Up
3rd Overall pick: Futile Four 1st Round Loser (High Regular Season Point Total)
4th Overall pick: Futile Four 1st Round Loser (Low Regular Season Point Total)
This applies to Round 1 only of the draft
Fu​tile Four Game Brackets:
Round 1:
#9 seed vs #10 seed (Match up 1); single elimination
#11 seed vs #12 seed (Match up 2); single elimination
Round 2:
Winner of Match-Up 1 vs Winner of Match-Up 2; single elimination (Winner receives #1 pick in next seasons draft)
The bracket for the "Futile Four" tournament is intended to give the lower seeds a little advantage much like a draft lottery
Fu​tile Four Game Tiebreakers:
1) Total Bench Points
2) Highest Individual Starter Point Total For That Week
3) Next Highest Individual Starter Point Total For That Week
4) Repeat #3 (If all starters are used and a tiebreaker is still not determined, use the same format using bench players)


Roster Limits: A team roster may never have more than the 16 players allowed. Therefore, in order for any owner to pick up a player, they must release another to keep their roster legal.

Eligibility: In all transactions (add/drops, free agents, trades), all players acquired are not eligible to play until the beginning of the week following the week the transaction was made. Likewise, any player who is removed from a roster will not be removed until the beginning of the week following the week it was made in. Therefore these players may play out the week for the team releasing/trading them. 

Churning: Team owners are not allowed to pick up a player and drop the same player during the same period. This is called churning and used as a tool by teams to purposely lock players on waivers so they can't be picked up. This will not be allowed. If a team owner picks up a player, that player must stay on your roster for 7 days before you can drop him. 

Can't Drop List: To prevent the accidental dropping of star players, a can't drop list has been created as a safeguard to prevent this. When you attempt to drop a player that is on this list, your transaction will be rejected. Team owners can still drop these players if they wish, however, you need to contact the commish if you wish to do so.  


Length of Waiver Period: 48 hours 

During this time, team owners can make a claim for that player. The player may be claimed provided your team is highest in the waiver order of those teams owners interested in that player. Once a team receives a player during any one waivers period, they will be moved to the bottom of the waiver order and every other team moves up one. This process continues until all players on the list have been claimed.
Waiver Order: Worst Overall Record of Teams Involved- This will reset each week based on this format
Clearing Waivers: If nobody makes a claim for that player in that 48 hour period, they will return to the free agent pool where they can be chosen by any team on a first-come first-serve basis. This rule is to help the teams at the bottom of the standings have first choice on dropped players to hopefully improve their teams
Preseason Waivers: Immediately after the draft, a 48 hour waivers period will be run. Any player not already on a team roster will be available using this waivers process. Same waivers rules apply. After this 48 hour waivers period has completed, any player not on a team roster will be available on a first-come first-serve basis.


Process For All Trades: Trades may be done during the season in the following formats:

1.) Player for Player
2.) Player for Draft Pick (Draft Picks are for the upcoming draft only-No future years draft picks are allowed to be traded)
3.) Any combination of #1 and #2
When submitting a trade, both teams must submit the trade to the league commissioner, and if you wish, provide comments as to why this trade benefits all teams involved (especially if it looks a little one sided on paper).
Trades received by the commish will be compiled into an email which will be sent out to all team owners in the league to be voted on. (Make sure your email address is current with the commish at all times)
Voting will last 48 hours from the time the trade is emailed to the league by the league commissioner. If there are enough votes to approve/reject a trade, the commish will approve/reject the trade immediately.
Trades will be rejected if the majority of team owners that submit a vote for that trade vote no. If you do not vote on a trade it will be assumed that you agree with however the voting turns out. The league office will have final say on all trades.
If the trade involves an uneven swap of players (one player traded for two players is an example) and you are receiving an extra player in a trade, you will have to drop an existing player off your roster to make room before the next scoring period begins to prevent an illegal roster. 
Trades For Draft Picks For The Following Season: Any team owner wishing to trade draft picks for the following season must pay their entry fee for the following season before the trade can be put up for a vote. Draft picks traded during preseason trading are excluded from this rule. (This prevents teams from unloading draft picks for the following season knowing they will not be returning)
Also, there will be no refunds awarded to team owners who pay next seasons entry fee and then decide not to return the following season, so please make sure for certain you are returning before you trade away next seasons draft picks.
Once a trade has been agreed upon and sent to the league commissioner for a vote by the league, team owners may NOT back out of the trade. NOTE: There is no gray area with this, even if the trade was accepted by accident. Please make sure, before you click that "Accept" button on the Trades page and send it to the commish/other team, that you are absolutely sure its a trade you want to make.
Trade Deadline: The trade deadline for these leagues is the end of Week #12. After Week #12 is complete, no trades allowed. Only adds and drops will be permitted. As soon as you are eliminated from the playoffs, your roster will be frozen for transactions. 
As soon as the Fantasy Playoffs are complete: A league wide roster freeze will be in effect.
Trading Away Draft Picks At The Trade Deadline (48-hour extension): Any team owner wishing to trade draft picks for the following season just prior to the trade deadline will still have to pay their entry fee for the following season before the trade can be put up for a vote.
However, since the trade deadline comes into play, the team owner will have 48 hours from the time he accepts the trade to pay his entry fee or the trade will be rejected. Once the entry fee is paid, the league commissioner will put the trade up for voting like normal.
Please remember that there are no refunds awarded to team owners who pay next seasons entry fee and then decide not to return the following season, so please make sure for certain you are returning before you trade away next seasons draft picks.


Player Pool: All NFL Rosters

Position Eligibility: Determined by My Fantasy Any position you feel was assigned incorrectly, please contact the league office.

Position Questions: If a player should be in a different position than drafted, please let the league office know shortly after the draft so the proper adjustments can be made.

Weekly Starting Lineups: Each week begins on Tuesday and ends after Monday Night Football games have been completed.
Each fantasy team is responsible for submitting a starting lineup around 5 minutes before each player's game time each week, including Thursday games. This lineup will be used for the current week's games.
If a roster is not turned in, the previous weeks roster will be applied for the current week. The exception to this rule is as follows:
Week 1: If you do not submit a lineup for Week 1 before the deadline, your starting lineup will be your 3 Keepers and the first 6 picks of your draft that meet the starting roster criteria. This will be the case regardless of injury. Please submit your roster for Week 1 as you will want to try to avoid this.

IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of all team owners to make sure that weekly changes get accepted via the online league manager (if you make any). The league commissioner will not be responsible for any changes being late, lost, or misdirected as a result of any computer malfunction, delay, etc. If you are having computer problems, contact the commissioner before the deadline and he will enter your desired changes for you.


July 20: Team Renewal Deadline-Team owners have until midnight 11:59pm EST this day to renew their teams by paying the season entry fee for the upcoming season. Teams not renewed by this date will be considered vacant and the league commissioner will begin the process of filling these teams with new owners according to the waiting list.

Waiting List for Vacant Teams: Those wishing to sign up for a vacant team will be placed on a waiting list according to the date entry fees are paid. When it is your turn to choose a vacant team, you will be provided with a list of available teams as well as the ability to view rosters and draft order of those teams before selecting your team. The league commissioner will be contacting these owners shortly after the July 20th deadline listed above.
July 21: Vacant Team Selection- After the July 20 deadline addressed above, the process for filling vacant teams will begin. Those that are on the waiting list for a vacant team will have the option of choosing any of the available vacant teams when it is their turn. Once your team and all other vacant teams are chosen and all leagues are filled, the commish will then begin the preseason (trading, keepers, input on choosing draft date) before the draft.
A NOTE ABOUT ABANDONED TEAMS: Not all vacant teams are bad, neglected teams. In these leagues, more frequently than not, teams are abandoned prior to the next season due to team owner financial issues or time constraints causing them to give up their teams. With a small number of keepers, turning these teams into winners are manageable in the first season.
Trading Period: After all teams are filled in their respective leagues, and if time warrants, a trading period will be conducted where teams can make trades before keepers need to be chosen. The league commissioner will announce the start of trading when it begins. See trading section of this rules page for more info on how trading works.
Draft Preferences: During preseason trading, each team owner will be sent an online form to fill out requesting their availability for the upcoming draft. Once all feedback has been received by the commish, a draft date and time will be chosen based on the best availability for the league from the feedback received and this date will be announced to the league. Trading end dates and when keepers are due for your league will be announced at that time as well. NOTE: It's not guaranteed, but the commish will do his best to choose a draft day that everyone can be present for.
After preseason trading period ends: Up to 3 Keepers are to be chosen by each team owner on your roster page and will be announced to the league after the deadline to choose keepers has passed. You may keep less than 3 players, however, your additional pick/picks will come at the end of the draft.
On your leagues scheduled draft date and time: Drafting will begin.
NOTE: You do not have to remember all this. This is just an overview of how things work. Before the preseason starts, the commish will contact everyone in the league and provide a preseason guide for each step in the preseason process right up until draft day. 


Drafting will be done all in one day. The draft timer will be set at 90 seconds for the entire draft.

If this is your first draft at, please participate in some mock drafts on the site so that you are familiar with the draft room when it comes time for the real thing. Also, please conduct your drafting on a computer that is fast enough to handle the draft room. 

Here are 3 options you have in order to make your pick:

1.) Make the pick yourself within the 90 seconds.

2.) If you cannot make the draft, you have the following options to draft your team:

My Draft List: This list is designed to rank your players for the entire draft. The software will choose the player highest on the list based on starting lineup positions available first and then reserves after your starters are filled.

My Work List: This list is in the draft room and intended only for when you are temporarily away from the draft room during the draft. It is not intended to rank your entire draft list

Both Options: The draft room will search "My Work List" first. If this list is empty, it will use your "My Draft List" rankings to make your picks for you. This method is strongly encouraged if you aren't going to be available for the draft. More info on both these options are addressed in the "Draft Instructions" link below.

If you choose any of these options above, be sure to click "I'm Away" so the draft room will make your selections for you.

3.) You can leave the commissioner 2 lists:

     List 1: a list of positions that you would like drafted for each round/pick of your draft.
     List 2: a list of players in order of preference, listed by position (There should be a total of 240 players
                on this list)

Each pick of your draft, the commissioner will look at List 1 to determine which position to draft for that round/pick. Then he will draft the highest ranking player still available on List 2 for each pick.

If you don't wish to use the commish for this, you can also set this up in the league manager. Under the "For Owners" dropdown, click on "Set Draft Preferences".

If you do not choose any of the options above, the draft room will choose your players based on Average Draft Position (ADP) on all drafted leagues on the league manager website.

Click on this Draft Instructions link for more information. You can also contact the commish if you have additional questions. 

Dropping players during the draft: There will be no dropping of players, nor will there be any trading of players allowed, during the draft.
Waiver Period after the Draft: Once the draft is over, all players not on a team roster will be placed in a 48 hour waiver period, also known as preseason waivers.
Teams have 48 hours to make claims on players not taken in the draft. This works the same way as normal waivers except the waiver order will be determined by the Round 2 draft order. For more info on how waivers works, please see "Waivers" section above.
After the waiver period is complete, all players not on a roster are now free agents and can be added on a first come-first serve basis.



Total Passing Yardage: Every 25 yards:1 point
Total Rushing Yardage: Every 10 yards:1 point
Total Receiving Yardage: Every 8 yards:1 point
Touchdowns (Run, Throw, Catch):6 points
2 Point Conversions (Run, Throw, Catch):2 points
Interceptions:-1 point
Fumbles Lost:-1 point


Fumble Recovery:2 points
Sack:2 points
Interception:2 points
Safety:2 points
Touchdown:6 points
Allow 0 Points In A Game:20 points
Allow 2 Points In A Game:10 points
Allow 3-5 Points In A Game:                            7 points
Allow 6 Points In A Game:3 points
Allow 7-9 Points In A Game:2 points
Allow 10 Points In A Game:1 point
Allow 11+ Points In A Game:0 points


Extra Point Made: 1 point
Missed Extra Point:-1 point
Touchdown (Run, Throw, Catch):6 points
2 Point Conversion (Run, Throw, Catch):     2 points
Field Goal Made 1-34 Yards:3 points
Field Goal Made 35-44 Yards:4 points
Field Goal Made 45-54 Yards:5 points
Field Goal Made 55-59 Yards:6 points
Field Goal Made 60+ Yards:10 points



Cost to Play

$79 Per Team

No Additional Costs

What You Win

 League Champion: $400

League Runnerup: $200

League Champions


2023: Michael Baumrind

2022: Barry Gardella

2021: Paul Turner

2020: Greg Frey

2019: Clarence Sardinha

2018: Gary Sakin

2017: Barry Gardella

2016: Randy Hamai

2015: Mike Szathmary

2014: Randy Hamai

2013: Randy Hamai

2012: Bob Mitchell

2011: Mike Szathmary

2010: Barry Gardella

2009: Greg Harville

2008: Doug French

2007: Greg Harville

2006: Greg Harville

2005: Randy Hamai

2004: Erik Kolehmainen


2023: Barry Gardella

2022: Barry Gardella

2021: Paul Turner

2020: Andrea Chronowski

2019: Clarence Sardinha

2018: Clarence Sardinha

2017: Nick Rozborski

2016: M. Kramer/B. Weintraub

2015: Greg Harville

2014: Andrew Milne

2013: Clarence Sardinha

2012: George Delgadillo

2011: Mike Szathmary

2010: Bob Mitchell

2009: Ian Miller

2008: Tony Godino

2007: Tony Godino

2006: Patrick Cox

2005: George Delgadillo