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2022 Nascar Playoffs Pool - Rules


Software Used To Run This Pool:
Fantrax Nascar. You need to have an account with Fantrax to play in this pool. If you don’t have an account set up with Fantrax yet, instructions will be provided in an email sent to you after you sign up.

The NASCAR Cup Series playoffs consists of 10 races beginning September 4th at Darlington Raceway and ends with the championship race on November 6th at Phoenix Raceway.

Each entry will choose one of the 16 playoff drivers each week, but you may not use the same driver twice during the playoffs.

No Eliminations: 
Nascar uses eliminations in its playoffs. This pool is a straight up points pool with no eliminations. Drivers can be used at any time during the playoffs regardless of their status in the Nascar playoffs. 
Example: Austin Dillon is eliminated in Round 1 of the Nascar playoffs. You may still use him in this pool for any of the remaining playoff races including the championship race and still earn points.

Typically, drivers race in the same car throughout the season. However, there are times when driver swaps happen after qualifying but before the race or even during the race. The following is how these rare instances are handled:

Allowable Replacements: 
If a fantasy team chooses a driver who gets replaced prior to the start of the race, that fantasy team will get the points for the new driver, provided the driver being removed is no longer a participant in the race that week.

NOTE: If a driver simply switches cars (or car numbers), no replacement is allowed. 

If this should happen to you during the course of the season, please contact the commish prior to the start of the following weeks race, if he hasn't already made the adjustment. 

Drivers will be used to determine points for this pool

Each entry receives stage points based on where your chosen driver finishes each stage.

Each entry receives finishing points based on where your chosen driver finishes each race.

If an entry should choose a duplicate pick in any given week, their scored driver for that week will be changed to the lowest scoring playoff driver for that race.

If an entry should make no pick in any given week, their scored driver for that week will be chosen based on the lowest scoring playoff driver for that race.

Worst Week Dropped:
As we go through the pool, each entry will have their lowest points week dropped. Your best 9 weeks (according to points) will be used to determine the champion.  


The entry that scores the most points over the course of the 10 race playoffs will be the Nascar Playoffs Pool Champion.

If 2 or more teams are tied, the tie(s) will be broken using the following method:

Tiebreaker #1: Each team’s highest individual race point total during the 10 race playoffs will be compared. The team with the highest point total of the tied teams wins the tiebreaker. If there is still a tie, the next highest individual race point total will be used.

Tiebreaker #2: Repeat Tiebreaker #1 until the tie is broken. If there is still a tie after the tiebreaker is exhausted, the payout will be split among those entries still tied.

This applies to any ties that need to be broken with respect to payouts as well.


To increase your chances of winning, you may play as many times as you wish. Each entry will be separate.

If you would like to play a 2nd or 3rd entry, you may use the same login on Fantrax. You do not have to sign up more than once. You can signup for as many entries as you want when you sign up. If you have would like to add entries after you have already signed up, please contact the league commish at


After finishing reading the rules here, click the link inside the "Cost To Play" section at the top of this page.

We will be using Fantrax to run the pool. More specific instructions on how to get setup with Fantrax are provided in the email confirmation you receive after signing up. In a nutshell, you will need to do the following:

1.) Create a Fantrax account (if you don’t have one already)

2.) Accept the email invitation to join the pool (unless you played last year). The invitation will be sent shortly after you have signed up

3.) Pay the entry fee. Either by postal mail or Paypal (this question is asked at signup.)

If you played last year, your team should already be setup, so simply log into your Fantrax account, go to the 2022 Nascar PFS Playoffs League, then pay the entry fee when prompted. (if you wish to change your team name, contact the commish. 


Selections can be made any time before the race deadline (regularly scheduled race time) and can be made more than one race ahead. The deadline to make your selections each week will be posted on the league homepage in Fantrax under the "Commish Messages" section.

IMPORTANT: If there is a rain delay prior to the start of the race or the race is postponed, you are still responsible to submit your selection before the original scheduled picks deadline. Another words, the deadline will not change because of a rain delay or postponement.

Note: In situations of postponements, the commish reserves the right to extend the picks deadline if circumstances allow. This is in rare situations though and not the norm. 

PICKS POSTED BY COMMISH: If you need help making your selections or are having computer problems, please contact the commish with your selection(s) before the deadline and he will make it/them for you. It is ultimately the team owners responsibility to ensure your selections are made each week. 


WHEN ARE SELECTIONS POSTED: Selections are posted immediately after the picks deadline has passed.

WHEN ARE RESULTS POSTED: Results are typically posted within a few hours after the race.


If a driver is disqualified by Nascar after the race has been completed, that driver will be disqualified in this league as well. 

If a driver is docked points by NASCAR for anything illegal, such as driver/crew conduct, failing pre/post-race inspection, etc., there will be no points deductions in this pool. In this instance, where the driver finished will be his points for that race. 


The Nascar points system will be used to award points after each race based on the following:

1.) Drivers that finish in the Top 10 after Stage 1 of each race

2.) Drivers that finish in the Top 10 after Stage 2 of each race

3.) Drivers based on their Stage 3 finishing position (final results)

No bonus points are awarded for:
-Laps Led
-Most Laps Led
-Stage Wins (during the regular season, drivers earn 1 playoff bonus point for winning a stage)
-Race Wins (during the regular season, drivers earn 5 playoff bonus points for winning a race)

Here is the official points breakdown for the pool:


  1st:  10 pts   6th:  5 pts 
  2nd:   9 pts   7th:  4 pts 
  3rd:   8 pts   8th:  3 pts 
  4th:   7 pts   9th:  2 pts 
  5th:  6 pts  10th:  1 pt 


 1st:   40 pts   11th:   26 pts   21st:   16 pts   31st:   6 pts  
 2nd:   35 pts   12th:   25 pts  22nd:   15 pts  32nd:   5 pts 
 3rd:   34 pts  
 13th:   24 pts  23rd:  14 pts  33rd:  4 pts 
 4th:   33 pts  14th:   23 pts  24th:  13 pts  34th:  3 pts 
 5th:  32 pts  15th:   22 pts  25th:  12 pts  35th:  2 pts 
 6th:  31 pts 16th:  21 pts 26th:  11 pts  36th:  1 pt 
 7th:  30 pts 17th:  20 pts 27th:  10 pts  37th:  1 pt 
 8th:  29 pts 18th:  19 pts  28th:   9 pts  38th:  1 pt 
 9th:  28 pts 19th:  18 pts 29th:   8 pts  39th:  1 pt 
10th:  27 pts 20th:  17 pts 30th:   7 pts  40th:  1 pt 

We would be happy to answer any questions on rules not covered here. Please contact the league office at

Cost To Play

 $20 Per Entry

$21 Online

What You Win

 Total Payout:

$300 or 70% of total entries
(whichever is higher)

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League Champions

 2022: David Corbin

2021: Don McCannon

2020: Ron Corbin

2015: Don McCannon

2014: Daryl Bixler

2013: Anthony Concha

2012: Dave Hernly

2011: Brad McMasters

2010: Darryl Ambrose