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NFL Mid-Season Survivor Pool - Rules


This league starts in Week 9 of the NFL Season

Choose one team every week who you think will win their game straight up (No point spreads)

You must choose a different team each week. (EX: If you choose Dallas in Week 1, you cannot use Dallas again the rest of the season.)

Your team must win the game, ties are considered a loss.

This league is double elimination. Here is how it works:

-- If your team wins, you survive to next week
-- If your team loses once, your entry is allowed one incorrect pick and survive to next week
-- If your team loses twice, your entry is eliminated.
-- Last Survivor wins


There may be a situation where all remaining entries still alive in the pool  get eliminated in the same week. If this situation should come up, consider this an additional chance for all remaining entries. If your team loses and all other entries lose too, all teams advance to next week. However, the teams chosen by each entry will be counted and may not be used again.

Entry 1 chooses Arizona
Entry 2 chooses Buffalo
Entry 3 chooses Detroit
Entry 4 chooses Oakland
If Arizona, Buffalo, Detroit and Oakland all lose, all 4 entries are still alive to try again next week. Entry 1 may not use Arizona again, Entry 2 may not use Buffalo again, etc etc.


The last entry remaining will be declared the NFL Mid Season Survivor Pool champion.

If there is more than one person remaining after the final week of the season, ties will be broken using the following tiebreaker: 

1.) Teams with no losses
2.) Teams with one loss
3.) The week the tied teams received their first strike is compared. The entry which has their first strike the latest in the season, wins the tiebreaker. (Ex. Team 1 receives their first strike in Week 2. Team 2 receives their first strike in Week 8. Team 2 would win the tiebreaker)
4.) If all tied entries had their first strike in the same week, those entries split the respective payout.


There may be a situation where the champ has been determined, but the remaining winners have not. If a champion is determined but 2nd and/or 3rd place have not been determined, here is the procedure to follow:  

-If there are still weeks left in the NFL season, the remaining eligible entries will continue to make picks each week until a winner or winners have been determined

-If the NFL season is over and there is/are no clear cut winner(s) for the remaining payouts, tiebreaker #3 in the winners/tiebreakers section above will be used. If there is still a tie, winnings will be split from those eligible.


To increase your chances of winnings, you may play as many times as you wish. Each entry will be scored separately

If you would like to play a 2nd or 3rd entry, you may choose them at signup. However, if you have already signed up and wish to add additional entries, please contact the league commish at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


You will need to signup before you can make selections online. Click "signup" at the top of this page to go to the signup page.


Please follow these step closely for a pain free signup process.  

1.) Click the signup button at the top of the page.
2.) After you signup, you will be taken to the payment page, where you can pay your entry fee
3.) After you pay your entry fee, an email should have been sent to you at the address you signed up with. Follow the instruction in the email to complete your signup and join your league. Good Luck!


You may make your selection each week anytime before the scheduled kickoff time of that team's game. This includes Sunday's later games, Sunday night and Monday games. So if you decide to pick a team that is playing on Monday night, your selection is due by 8:30 Eastern time on that Monday night. 

PICKS POSTED BY COMMISH: If you need help making your selections or are having computer problems, please contact the commish with your selection before the deadline and he will make it for you.


No Pick: If your pick for a particular week is not submitted at all, you will receive an incorrect pick for that week and it will be treated as if you got your selection wrong.

It is the responsibility of owners to ensure that picks are made and are entered before their team kicks off their game each week. Please be proactive with your picks each week.


It is the responsibility of team owners to ensure that no duplicate picks are made each week. If a duplicate pick is made, it will result in a strike for that entry. 

NOTE: The system should not allow duplicate picks, however this rule is put in place as a safeguard should it happen, so please double check your pick each week to ensure it is not a duplicate. Especially later in the season when team choices become more difficult.


WHEN ARE SELECTIONS POSTED: Selections are posted immediately after the deadline passes

WHEN ARE RESULTS POSTED: Results are posted immediately following each game.  

We would be happy to answer any questions on rules not covered here. Please contact the league office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

League Champions

2016: Liberatore/Reed/Smith