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$200 or 7
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2017 March Madness Sweet 16 Pool - Rules


Using the 16 team NCAA Tournament Bracket, choose who you think will win each game all the way to the championship.

Points will be awarded for each correct pick according to the point structure below. 
Additional points will be awarded for the seed number of the winning teams you choose


Each correct pick in the Sweet 16: 4 points
Each correct pick in the Elite 8: 8 points
Each correct pick in the Final Four: 16 points
Correct Pick in the Championship Game: 32 points 



The seed of the winning team is added to your point total. Since anyone can pick the higher ranking teams and do relatively well, a twist has been added to reward those that pick upset winners.


#6 seed wins in Sweet 16 Round. If you choose #6 seed, you receive 10 points for that correct pick.
(6 (seed) + 4 (correct pick in Sweet 16) = 10 points) 

#10 seed wins in Elite 8: If you choose #10 seed, you receive 18 points for that correct pick.
(10 (seed) + 8 (correct pick in Elite 8) = 18 points) 

You must get the pick correct in order to get the bonus points



The winner is the entry that accumulates the most points according to their correct picks, and additional points. (It is not the most correct picks but the most points accumulated)

If there is a tie, the player who selects the total score of the championship game closest (high or low) will be the winner. If there is still a tie, payout will be split by the number of entries tied



To increase your chances of winning, you may play as many times as you wish. Each entry will be scored separately. 

If you would like to play multiple brackets, you may choose them at signup. If you have already signed up and wish to add additional teams, please contact the league commish at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



You will need to signup before you can make selections online. Click "signup" at the top of this page to get to the signup page.


Please follow these step closely for a pain free signup process.  

1.) Click the signup button at the top of this page or at the top right of any page on the Prime Fantasy Sports website.
2.) On the next page, click on the March Madness image
3.) Complete the form to signup your entries
4.) Make your payment before the signup deadline. Any mailed payments can be sent to:

Prime Fantasy Sports
PO Box 2676
Waterville, ME 04901

We will be using to run the pools this year. For your convenience, Prime Fantasy Sports will only require you to signup once (even if you wish to play in both the Full Brackets pool or the Sweet 16 pool). Once you signup here, we will add you to your respective pool(s). You simply need to remember the login credentials you provided at signup and login when your entry/entries have been added. To Login, go to Prime Fantasy and use the "Login" link at the top right of any page at Prime Fantasy Sports, then select "March Madness". 

Note: Please do not go to to signup or fill out brackets. If you try to do either that way, you may not have everything work correctly for you. Everything you need to access your pool can be accessed from Prime Fantasy website. 

Once you have completed the signup, you will be taken to the payment page with instructions on how to pay your entry fee. Payments are due prior to the start of the Sweet 16 with no exceptions (March 22nd). 

NOTE: Because this pool is so short, there will not be a 7 day buffer to make payments for this pool. Payments not received prior to the start of the Sweet 16 will have your entry removed from the league for non payment. This will be strictly enforced, so please make sure you get your payment in early to avoid this. 



Selections for matchups from the Sweet 16 all the way to the championship are due prior to the tip off of the first regularly scheduled game on Sweet 16 Thursday (March 23rd). Once the deadline has passed for that game, your picks are locked in for the remainder of the tournament. 

PICKS POSTED BY COMMISH: If you need help making your selections or are having computer problems, please contact the commish with your selection before the deadline and he will make them for you.



WHEN ARE SELECTIONS POSTED: Selections are posted immediately after the deadlline to make selections passes. 

WHEN ARE RESULTS POSTED: Results are posted shortly after the conclusion of each game. 

We would be happy to answer any questions on rules not covered here. Please contact the league office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

League Champions

2017: Bobby Reed

2016: No Pool

2015: Don McCannon