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2017 College Football Salary Cap League- Rules


This is essentially a season long fantasy college football league with a tournament feel. After the preliminary round, teams will be eliminated. There are no brackets or head to head. Best scores advance to the next round. Score the most points and become the champion. 

League Manager:

Format Type: Salary Cap, Points Based Scoring

Tournament Setup: (14 Week Tournament through entire FBS college football regular season): 

Round: # of Weeks Teams Advancing:
Preliminary Round: 8 Weeks Top 8 in Points Advance*
Round of 8 3 Weeks Top 4 in Points Advance*
Final 4 3 Weeks ----

*Points Reset After Each Round; Rounds are not head to head


: $250

-Salary Cap is for your roster/lineup of 13 players (no reserves)
Teams must never be over the salary cap. If you attempt to add a player that puts you over the salary cap, it will be rejected.

*Player Dollar Values will reset after the Preliminary Round


Player Pool: Players from only FBS teams may be chosen

No Draft: There is no draft in this league. Multiple teams can have the same players as long as they do not violate the salary cap restrictions listed in the previous section

Roster Size: 13 players make up your roster and your starting lineup (No reserves). After your initial roster is chosen, once you pick up a player, you must remove another from your roster or your transaction will not be accepted. 

Position Eligibility: Determined by Fantrax- Any position you feel was assigned incorrectly, please contact the league office, please contact the league office so they can investigate and make a determination whether to make an adjustment.

Rosters: Weekly rosters shall consist of:

1 FLEX (Running Back or Wide Receiver/Tight End)

Weekly Lineup Deadline: Each week begins on Tuesday and ends on Monday (if applicable). All fantasy teams are responsible for having 13 players in their lineup around 5 minutes before each players game time each week. If a roster is not turned in, the previous weeks roster will be used for the current week, regardless of injury or roster status.
IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of all team owners to make sure that weekly changes get accepted via the online league manager (if you make any). The league commissioner will not be responsible for any changes being late, lost, or misdirected as a result of any computer malfunction, delay, etc. If you are having computer problems, contact the commissioner before the deadline and he will enter your desired changes for you.


Transactions can be made at any time during the season. In all transactions, all players acquired are not eligible to play until the beginning of the week following the week the transaction was made. Likewise, any player who is removed from a roster will not be removed until the beginning of the week following the week it was made in. Therefore these players may play out the week for the team releasing/trading them.

Roster Limits: Team rosters must stay at 13 players. Therefore, in order for any owner to pick up a player during the season, they must release another to keep their roster legal.

Waivers & Trades: Since multiple teams can have the same player, there is no waiver wire nor trades necessary in this tournament. 


Signup: Signup before the tournament deadline of August 31st . Click on Signup at the top of this page to be taken to the signup page. If you wish to play more than one team, you are welcome to do so. 

Accept Email Invite:
To join the tournament, open the invitation email that is sent to you from the commish via Fantrax shortly after you sign up. Then click on the link inside the email. This will add you to the tournament. If you do not have a Fantrax account, you will be taken through the steps to create one. If you do not see this email invite, please make sure it is the same email account you signed up with and that it is not in your junk mail folder. If you still can't find it, contact the commish. 

Pay the Tournament Fee: Fantrax Treasurer will be used for online payments for this tournament. You can also pay by check/money order through the mail, if you so choose. Regardless of which payment option you choose, in order to make your entry official, you must pay your entry fee prior to the signup deadline listed above. Failure to pay for your entries by the deadline will result in your team removed from the tournament. 

Pick Your Players: After your entry becomes official (by paying the entry fee), you may then go in and pick your roster of players


17 NFL Keepers Scoring Chart
NFL Keepers Scoring Chart2

NOTE: This is a something new we are trying out this season. While we hope you enjoy this format, it will be open for changes and tweaking for future seasons in an effort to make it better. There is also the option of turning it into a full fledged fantasy college football league league. If you have any suggestions on how to make this idea better, please feel free to contact the league office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would be happy to hear your ideas and any questions, comments, concerns you may have as well.

League Champions

2017: Bill Dujmovic