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Fantasy Nascar Tutorial

Fantasy Nascar Leagues are run on Typically, their software is set up for draft type league and for only one player/driver to be on one team at a time. This is NOT how our league will be run. Fantrax has a setup available to allow us to continue to use the "select players from groups" format we have been using since this league started over a decade ago. We just need to do things a little differently. Its a simple adjustment and I'm confident everyone will get the hang of it pretty quickly. To acclimate yourself to the league better, please read through the tutorial below:  


DRIVERS: Drivers will be listed on the drivers page. (Easy enough!) While Fantrax has a large list of drivers, there are a lot of drivers listed that haven't raced in years, so its a bit outdated. So, to avoid confusion and wasted picks, only drivers that are on the entry list and/or have accumulated points throughout the Cup season will be listed.

GROUPS: Each driver will be placed in a group labeled A, B, C, D, E, and F. Their group assignment will be listed under their name on the picks page and driver page. 

Also, each driver will be assigned a salary from $6 to $1 which corresponds with their group letter assignment. A value of $6 indicates this driver is in Group A, $5 Group B, all the way to $1 Group F. This is simply another tool used to assign each driver to a group. On the "Drivers" page, their salary will be listed in the "Sal" column (you can click on the heading to sort highest to lowest). Their corresponding group letter will be listed below their name on the page. 

Groups with Corresponding Salary
Group A
$6 Salary
Group B
$5 Salary
Group C
$4 Salary
Group D
$3 Salary
Group E
$2 Salary
Group F
$1 Salary

 Pick one driver out of each of the 6 groups (A, B, C, D, E, and F). As mentioned above, the salary function is used as a guide only to help ensure that you are only picking one driver out of each group. (The software should not allow you to pick multiple drivers out of the same group)

From your league in Fantrax, click on "Pick My Drivers". A list of drivers should be shown on the left. Click the green + sign next to the driver you wish to add to your roster. This should move the driver into the "My Team" section on the right. When you have picked a driver from each of the 6 groups, click on the red "Confirm" button towards the top of the page. If you made a mistake, it will give you an error in the pop up window. 

To confirm your picks were saved, roll your mouse over "Team" and click on "Team Roster". This will take you to your roster page. If you see no illegal lineup warning on your roster page, you are good to go. 

HOW TO MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR ROSTER (WEEK #2 - WEEK #36): From your league in Fantrax, click on "Adjust My Drivers" (This is the same screen as "Pick My Drivers for Week #1 above). On your roster at the right, click on the red - sign to remove a driver from your roster. Then click the green + sign next to the driver you wish to add to your roster. Click the Confirm button towards the top to save your changes. If you made a mistake, it will give you an error in the pop up window.



Showing Drivers By Group: 

-Click on the "Drivers" link at the top of the page.
-On the Drivers page, there are 6 tabs labeled DrvA, DrvB, DrvC, DrvD, DrvE, DrvF.
-Click on each tab to see the drivers in those respective groups

Sorting Full List Of Drivers By Groups/Dollar Values:

-Click on the "Drivers" link at the top of the page.
-Click on "Sal" at the top of that column. This will sort all drivers by Salary and its corresponding Group letters. Group letter can be found under the drivers name
-This method works the same way using the "Pick My Drivers" page as well. Group letter is to the right of the drivers name on this page. 

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no specific sort for driver groups at the moment. Sorting by the salary column accomplishes the same thing since dollar values and groups shown in the table above will always correspond with one another. 

.........more helpful information will added on an ongoing basis. Please contact the commish with anything you might think would be important to add to this list. Thanks



Segment Standings: will be posted for Segment #1 on the regular league standings page. Beginning Segment #2 they will be posted in the Commish Messages section of the league homepage in Fantrax.

Overall Standings: will be posted during the first 26 races on regular league standings page. Starting with the Playoffs/Segment #4, they will be listed on the Commish Messages section of the league homepage in Fantrax. 



This page will be updated to add any relevant info on an ongoing basis. If you have any additional questions after reading this page, please contact the commish and he will be happy to help!!!

League Champions

2018: Tim Orris

2017: Bill House

2016: Nolan Huddleston

2015: Jason Simonson (Petty)

2015: Darryl Bixler (Pearson)

2014: Dan Lindsay (Petty)

2014: Brian Slaybaugh (Pearson)

2013: Dan Lindsay (Petty)

2013: Bill House (Pearson)

2012: Dan Lindsay

2011: Larry Bourgois

2010: Dan Lindsay

2009: Randy Stone

2008: Randy Stone

2007: Randy Stone

2006: Harry Hobson