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Fantasy Nascar League - Rules


The NASCAR Sprint Cup 36 points races make up the whole season. The season is divided into 4 Segments using the following format:
Segment 1: (Races 1-9) 9 races
Segment 2: (Races 10-18) 9 races
Segment 3: (Races 19-26) 8 races
Fantasy Chase for the Championship and Segment 4: (Races 27-36) 10 races
After every segment is completed, but before the following race, driver/car groups will change. Typically, this is done according to Fantasy Nascar points accumulated by the driver/car over the course of the season, but there may be exceptions to this rule in order to attempt to keep a level playing field in all groups.
The fantasy team that qualifies for and scores the most points during the Fantasy Chase for the Championship will become Fantasy Nascar champion
There will also be an additional award for the participant in all leagues that scores the most points overall for the entire 36 race season.
LOWEST SEGMENT SCORE DROPPED: During each Segment during the season, your lowest score in each Segment will be dropped. This includes any weeks where teams miss making their picks.
Note: If a team owner does not make selections for a given week, the picks rollover rule still applies which is addressed in the "Choosing Your Drivers" section above.
NOTE: The Sprint Unlimited and the All Star Race are non-points races in this league


Drivers/cars are divided into 6 groups below labeled 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
Prior to each new segment beginning (Race 10, 19, and 27), groups will change. Please keep this in mind while making selections throughout the season.
Choose one driver/car from each of the 6 groups (The example below is just a sample group. The real groups will be provided at the beginning of the season). This will comprise your race team each week. You may make changes to your roster every week, but are not required to do so. If you fail to make changes, your picks will roll over from the following week with a few exceptions:
Exceptions: You may be required to make changes prior to Race 10, 19, and 27 as these are the weeks that groups will change. If you fail to do so, you may be subject to possible penalties for having an incomplete roster if groups change drastically during those weeks. See "Penalties" section below for more information.


Typically, drivers race in the same car throughout the season. However, there are times when driver swaps happen after qualifying but before the race or even during the race. If a scenerio like this should happen, we use car numbers in this league to determine points, so if a driver you choose gets replaced, you still get the points for that car.


Typically, pick penalties happen when groups change at the beginning of a new segment. If a driver/car switches groups and no change is made to a team roster to compensate, the following penalty will be assessed:
After the race is over, the driver/car in the wrong group will be removed and your team will be assigned the driver/car with the lowest point total in that group for that race.
When driver groups change, team owners are strongly encouraged to go back into their picks page to ensure all groups have a selection.



There are 2 ways to qualify for the Fantasy Chase For the Championship:
1.) After Race #26 in Richmond, be in the Top 12 in the Overall Fantasy Standing or
2.) If you don't have enough points to qualify for the Fantasy Chase in #1 above, you can qualify by being one of the two Wildcard winners by choosing the most race winners during the first 26 races.
Wildcard Tiebreaker: If 2 or more Wildcard eligible teams choose the same number of race winners, the tie will be broken by total overall points through the first 26 races
If there is still a tie after the tiebreaker, both teams will qualify for the Fantasy Chase
CHASE BONUS POINTS: Nascar currently uses a format that rewards drivers bonus points to use when they begin the Chase for the Championship. This league will use a similar format as well. Here is how it works:
The 14 teams that make the chase will have their points reset to zero. However, each race winner they select (during the first 26 races only), will earn 5 playoff bonus points for their team. This total is the amount of points their fantasy team will start the Fantasy Chase with. Wildcard teams are not eligible for bonus points and will start with zero bonus points to begin the Fantasy Chase.
Example 1: Team A chooses the winning driver in 10 races, they will start the Fantasy Chase with 50 pts.
Example 2: Team B chooses the winning driver in 8 races, they will start the Fantasy Chase with 40 pts.
The goal is to award the team owners that choose the winning driver each week.
Once the Fantasy Chase starts, points will be awarded the same as every other race. The team with the most points after the final race of the season (Homestead) is your Fantasy Nascar League Champion.


Fantasy teams outside of the top 14 in fantasy points will be placed in their own segment of 10 races. Everyone in this segment starts at zero and the team to accumulate the most points in the final 10 races will be the winner of Segment 4. No bonus points will be used towards this segment. Everyone will start equal.
NOTE: Since these team owners are not eligible for the Fantasy Chase for the championship, this will be scored in its own separate group., meaning, those team owners eligible for the Chase For the Championship will not be eligible for any Segment 4 winnings.


After each race, points will be awarded for your driver chosen based on the points structure below. Only points for where the drivers finish will be used in this league.
The entry that scores the most points throught the 10 race Chase will be the Nascar Chase League champion.
1st Tiebreaker: The entry with the most wins from your selections (driver must win the week you pick that driver).
2nd Tiebreaker: The entry with the most 2nd place finishes from your selections. (Driver must finish 2nd the week you pick that driver)
3rd Tiebreaker: The entry with the most 3rd place finishes from your selections (Driver must finish 3rd the week you pick that driver)
If there is still a tie, 4th place finishes are compared, then 5th place and so on until the tie is broken.


To increase your chances of winning, you may play as many times as you wish. Each entry will be scored separately.
If you would like to play a 2nd or 3rd entry, you may choose them at signup. If you have already signed up and wish to add additional entries, please contact the league commish at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


You will need to signup before you can make your selections online. Click "signup" at the top of this page to go to the signup page.
SIGNING UP: If you already have a login account for leagues such as (College Football League, College Bowls League, NFL Survivor League etc) use the signup on the left hand side of the page (Already Have An Account?). If you do not have a login yet, signup using the right side of the page (Signup)
Once you have completed the signup, you will be taken to the payment page where you can pay your entry fee. Once payment is made, you are ready to go. Check your email as you should have a confirmation email in your inbox with a link to login to your league. Good luck!


Selections can be made at any time. They can be made as many races ahead of time as you wish, however, keep in mind that groups change after each segment throughout the season, so team owners should plan for this.
Changes to your selections for a race may be made at anytime before that race deadline.
LESS THAN 6 DRIVERS SELECTED: If, by mistake you only choose 5 drivers or less for your roster, contact the league commissioner. The missing selections will have their previous weeks drivers for that group roll over to the current week. The commish will have to go in and make this adjustment manually, so if it occurs, please contact the commish so he can make the adjustment.
NOTE: If you make a set of picks prior to a new segment, and the groups have not been set for the new segment, you will have to go back in to your picks page and make sure a selection is made for every group.
A driver/car that changes groups will have your selections page reset for that group (meaning you won't have a selection in that group anymore) and therefore subject to penalties should a group be left empty after picks deadline has passed. (See the Pick Penalties further down the page for more info)


Changes are due each week before qualifying. Qualifying varies from week to week according to the qualifying schedule set by NASCAR and the tracks. While effort will be made to keep you posted on this using the "Upcoming Schedule" section of your league homepage, it is ultimately the team owners responsibility to make sure picks are submitted on time before qualifying each week, if you are making any.
IMPORTANT: If there is a rain delay during qualifying or qualifying is rained out, you are still responsible to submit your selections before the originally scheduled start of qualifying, if you are making any, each week,
PICKS POSTED BY COMMISH: If you need help making your selections or are having computer problems, please contact the commish with your selection(s) before the deadline and he will make it/them for you.
DAYTONA 500: Selections for the Daytona 500 will not be due until 1PM Eastern time the day of the race. NO QUALIFYING POINTS WILL BE AWAREDED FOR THIS RACE. ONLY RACE POINTS. This is to give people more time to sign up.


If you should fail to make any selections for a particular week, your last weeks team will roll over to the current week, with the following exception:
If you fail to make selections at the start of a new segment, you may be subject to penalites if the driver that you attempt to roll over from the previous week has moved to a different group. See the "Pick Penalties" section of the rules page for further explanation. Important: It is the responsibility of all team owners to make sure that weekly selections get accepted via the picks page on time (if you make any) or if you are having computer problems, you may email or text them to the commish.
The league commissioner will not be held responsible for any changes being late, lost, or misdirected as a result of any computer malfunction, delay, etc. If you are having computer problems, contact the commissioner before the deadline and he will enter your desired changes for you.


WHEN ARE SELECTIONS POSTED: Selections are posted immediately after the deadlline to make selections has passed. Go to "Fantasy Race Selections" under the "Stats/Standings" dropdown to see who everyone chose.
WHEN ARE RESULTS POSTED: Results are posted after Nascar makes the race official, which is typically on Monday morning following each race. After the final race of the season, unofficial standings will be posted right after the race, then updated if necessary after Nascar makes the race official on the following day.


If a driver is docked points by NASCAR for anything illegal, such as driver/crew conduct, failing pre/post race inspection, etc, there will be no points deductions in this league. Where the driver finished will be his points for that race.


Total qualifying and finishing points accumulated throughout the whole season. If Nascar sets the field based on Rounds 1, or 2 (if used) of knockout qualifying, qualifying points will be awarded.
No points are awarded if qualifying gets completely rained out.
DAYTONA 500: No qualifying points will be awarded for this race. Only race points. This is to give people more time to sign up if they wish to play with us this season.
Separate awards will be given for each segment as well as overall winners. Points structure is listed towards the bottom of this page.
FANTASY CHASE BONUS POINTS: Any time a fantasy team chooses the winning car/driver for a race, they will be awarded 5 bonus points to go towards the Fantasy Chase for the Championship when it starts. Your team must make the Fantasy Chase for the Championship in order to receive these points.


We would be happy to answer any questions on rules not covered here. Please contact the league office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

League Champions

2016: Nolan Huddleston

2015: Jason Simonson (Petty)

2015: Darryl Bixler (Pearson)

2014: Dan Lindsay (Petty)

2014: Brian Slaybaugh (Pearson)

2013: Dan Lindsay (Petty)

2013: Bill House (Pearson)

2012: Dan Lindsay

2011: Larry Bourgois

2010: Dan Lindsay

2009: Randy Stone

2008: Randy Stone

2007: Randy Stone

2006: Harry Hobson