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Prime Fantasy Sports will never use any information that you give us for anything other than for us to contact you if we need to, and for relevant information to use to distribute prizes. We will never provide this information to any third party.

We will never ask you for any personal information, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc as this should stay your private information. 


We will be using Postal Service or Fantrax (Fantrax Leagues Only) for our entry fees. 

Entry fees will be due before your team/entry can be reserved. You may pay the entry fee during signup (Fantrax Leagues Only) or you may mail a payment to: Prime Fantasy Sports, PO Box 2676 Waterville, ME 04903. Filling out the sign up form with your information does not constitute a signup alone. To complete the signup and reserve your entry, payment of entry fees must be completed also.

If you would like to use an alternate form of payment, please contact the league office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will try to accommodate.

Please be aware that whoever we use for our payments we trust them (or else we wouldn't be using them). Please remember though that Prime Fantasy Sports will not be held liable for any wrongdoing that may result from using services that is not Prime Fantasy Sports. We would, however, like to be made aware of any problems you have. We don't want any of our participants to have a bad experience, so if it becomes a large problem, we will make adjustments accordingly.

Wall of Champions

2017 Prime Time Player
Darryl Smith

2018 NFL Playoffs Pool
Bill Moisuk

2018 March Madness Pool
Darryl Smith

2018 Madness Sweet 16 Pool
Dustin Bieber

2017-18 NHL Keeper League
Gavin Barkman

2018 NFL Draft Pool
Patrick Heffron

2017 NHL Playoffs Pool

Chris Bray

2017 NBA Playoffs Pool
Darryl Smith

2017 PGA Majors Pool
Ron Corbin

2017 MLB Keeper League
Hank Aaron League
Lax Bombers
Michael Baumrind

2017 MLB Keeper League
Mickey Mantle League
Moon Shots
Jeff Lowich

2017 MLB Keeper League
Ty Cobb League
Stealth Bombers
Richard Stier

2017 Fantasy Nascar League
K Racing
Bill House

2017 Nascar One League
Duane Lombard

2017 College Football Salary Cap
Bill Dujmovic

2017 NFL Keeper League
Walter Payton League
Barry Gardella

2017 NFL Keeper League
Barry Sanders League
Beast Mode
Nick Rozborski

2017 NFL Keeper League
John Elway League
Smokin Stogies
John Jensen

2017 NFL Survivor Pool
Bill Dujmovic

2017 NFL Mid Season Survivor
Steve Darden

2017 College Bowls Pool

Ron Corbin